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based on real accounts of violence against women

Efêmera introduces us to two women with a story to tell. They may have the courage to share it with you, they may not. A powerful, humorous and delicate metatheatrical verbatim play about how to hold on when life falls apart.


Two actresses, Rosie and Gael, decide to put on a fringe feminist play. The plot: a British documentary film maker, Jo, is interviewing Ana, a Brazilian woman with a severe history of domestic abuse. One wants to pressure policy makers to improve protection laws for female migrants, the other  wants the promised £20 Sainsbury's voucher to feed her child. As the play  unfolds, fiction and reality blur, the stories of the four women and of many others intertwine to create a humorous and powerful piece, an ephemeral love letter to theatre and to women.

Script available upon request

Our Team

Gaël Le Cornec - writer, director, performer

Rosie Macpherson - Performer

Angie Peña Arenas - Assistant director

Alice Simonato - Designer

Xavier Velastin - Sound designer

Pablo Fernandez Baz - Lighting designer

Ben Samuels - consultant

Cordelia Grierson- Casa Festival producer

Raquel Roldanus - People's Palace Project producer

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